Urimat-RS press release

URIMAT is launching a pioneering innovation in the cleaning of waterless urinal systems.

In launching its new global innovation, URIMAT, the innovation leader in waterless sanitary technology, is delivering a new hygiene standard in the environmentally friendly and automated cleaning of waterless urinals.

The new, understated Urimat-CS cleaning system has been described as a ‘revolution in waterless sanitary technology’. This one-of-a-kind innovation guarantees perfectly hygienic operation and noticeably less work to clean urinals. Behind the phrase ‘No water, no chemicals, no problems’ lies a new system which provides maximum safety and guaranteed hygiene in the sanitary system cleaning process. 

Automated cleaning

The Urimat-CS (Cleaning system) is an impressive, pioneering addition to URIMAT’s current product range. The fully automated, individually programmable cleaning intervals help to save both time and money, in addition to making for a gentle work process and also protecting the environment with the waterless system.

Easy to use and extremely hygienic – guaranteed

With just a little pressure, the globally patented MB-ActiveTrap-CS can be placed in the urinal drain opening. The replaceable MB-ActiveCleaner-CS cleaning solution is then screwed into the holder provided in just a few turns. What’s more, because it is microbial, it ensures perfectly hygienic conditions. A green LED indicator indicates that the solution is immediately ready for use, and the individually programmable, chemical-free cleaning intervals start automatically.

Economics par excellence

With the unique Urimat-CS system, there are fixed, calculable cleaning processes, which can be individually determined. This reduces the workload required and also protects the drain pipes. You also save considerable costs using this environmentally friendly system, which uses no water whatsoever. This ultimately makes the Urimat-CS cheaper than conventional urinals.