Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Urinals & Odour traps with membrane valve

What is the lifetime of the MB-ActiveTrap?

The service life of the trap of waterless urinals is in average 7000-8000 uses. After that, the cleaning cube is completely dissolved and the red visual indicator of the trap is visible. The urinal trap must then be replaced.

How can I replace the MB-ActiveTrap?

The trap of the waterless urinal can be easily replaced. Please watch the replacement instruction video: Trap-Replacement

Is there urine stone build-up in the wasterwater pipe?

Urine scale is formed by a chemical reaction of lime-containing water (usually the flushing water) with the urine. Lime dissolved in the water and other dissolved substances combine with the urine and uric acid as a catalyst to form an insoluble lime-magnesia compound.
Since waterless urinals do not use flushing water, urine scale does not form. Urine sludge can form in waterless urinals, which can be easily removed by water when a service is performed.

Do waterless urinals smell?

No, the waterless urinal itself does not smell. There are five main reasons for odours in restrooms:

  1. Urine leftovers on the floor or wall
  2. Insufficient room ventilation
  3. Dry floor drains
  4. Unclean floor joints and corners
  5. Last but most important: Maintenance failure

How does a waterless urinal work?

The technology and functionality is explained on the following link: Waterless urinal technology

Are waterless urinals hygienic?

Waterless urinals improve hygiene in the washroom. Due to the absence of water, there are fewer bacteria that can develop. Studies have shown that there are fewer colony-forming units in waterless urinals compared to flush urinals.

How much cleaning/maintenance do waterless urinals require compared to water-flushed urinals?

Waterless urinals are much easier and faster to clean and maintain compared to conventional water-flushed urinals, as there are no edges and flushing rims where bacteria and limescale can build up. As waterless urinals are completely touch-free, there are no actuator plates or electronic sensors to clean or maintain.

What cost savings do I have thanks to waterless urinals?

Since waterless urinals do not require expensive flushing electronics/sensor technology compared to water-flushed urinals, the investment costs are lower. In addition, you save water and wastewater costs when operating waterless urinals. You can calculate these cost savings online.

How long does it take to install waterless urinals?

Waterless urinals are installed in less than 20 minutes. That's less than half the time it takes to install traditional water-flushed urinals.
Waterless urinals are easy to install. Since no flush sensors are needed, there is no need for electricity, except for the models with LCD screen or self-cleaning function.  

Do waterless urinals reduce running costs?

Waterless urinals drastically reduce your water bill. Depending on water costs, a waterless urinal pays for itself within 10-18 months. You can find examples under the heading References

Biological Sanitary Cleaner

Is MB-ActiveCleaner ecological?

MB-ActiveCleaner is label-free and enables urinals to be cleaned without the use of hazardous and harmful chemicals.

Does MB-ActiveCleaner eliminate bad odours?

MB-ActiveCleaner removes bad odors that arise when organic substances are broken down. It is particularly suitable for maintenance cleaning and odor removal in heavily used sanitary facilities.

Are biological cleaners more expensive?

MB-ActiveCleaner offers a very good price-performance ratio, is highly concentrated and extremely economical. The biological sanitary cleaner is mostly cheaper than conventional sanitary cleaners. 

Is MB-ActiveCleaner skin-friendly?

MB-ActiveCleaner has been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility and rated as very good.

Hand Dryer

How high is the energy requirement for hand dryers?

The energy requirement is up to a hundred times lower compared to paper and cloth towel dispensers.

Are hand dryers hygienic?

Thanks to touch-free and sensor-controlled use, all our hand dryers are hygienic and safe for your health. For maximum hygiene, all URIMAT hand dryers are equipped as standard with replaceable HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of all dirt particles and bacteria from the air in the washroom before they come into contact with your hands before they come into contact with the hands.

Are hand dryers environmentally friendly?

Our hand dryer not only protects the environment, but also helps to save costs. No need to store or dispose of paper or cloth towels.

What is the service life of URIMAT hand dryers?

With the brushless electric motor there are no brushes (sliding contacts), so there is no mechanical abrasion. This means that the motors of all our hand dryer models last much longer.