In-wall mounting frame

URIMAT assembly element for installation in new buildings and refurbishments. Simple and quick assembly through four fixing points. Four mounting bases ensure secure assembly, precise horizontal and vertical alignment possible.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Attractive, stylish design
  • High-quality production

The practical assembly element for new installations and renovations.

The URIMAT in-wall mounting frame ensures a perfect fit and simple installation thanks to just four fixing screws. The fixing elements guarantee extremely secure fitting and enable precise horizontal and vertical alignment.


Product Brochure

Assembly instructions
Item: 58.520

Assembly instructions
URIMAT Makro-Fix
Item: 58.515

Kera-Fix in-wall mounting frame

URIMAT Kera-Fix in-wall mounting frame, assembly element for URIMAT ceramic bowls.
Item no. 58.520

Makro-Fix in-wall mounting frame

URIMAT Makro-Fix in-wall mounting frame, assembly element for URIMAT plastic bowls.
Item no. 58.515

Where do I use the mounting element/prewall frame?

The mounting frame is used wherever a pre-wall is used in dry construction.
The installation of pre-wall elements/installation systems in public toilets is comparatively clean and quickly done, as no walls have to be prised open to reach the drinking water and waste water pipes hidden behind them.
An additional advantage of pre-wall systems is that you can position washbasins, WCs, urinals independently of existing connections - whether on the wall, in the corner or as a room divider in the middle. Flushing cisterns, pipes, connections also disappear behind the panelled elements and practical storage areas are created at the same time.
The URIMAT mounting element for urinals is height-adjustable and can be optimally adapted to your individual requirements. The mounting frame can be mounted directly on the floor and are compatible with the Duofix installation system from Geberit.

Where can the URIMAT mounting frame be used?

  • For installation in pre-wall installations at half height or room height
  • For mounting directly on the floor or in the wall of the Duofix system
  • Suitable for floor constructions 0-20 cm
  • To accommodate waterless urinals