Hand dryers

Dry your hands in 9-11 seconds. 
Quiet, fast and environmentally friendly.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick and efficient
  • Simple installation
  • Robust & durable

New design 

You will love our URIMAT hand dryers and their attractive design.

Low-cost and environmentally friendly 

Our hand dryers not only protect the environment, but also help to save costs. No storage, no disposal of paper and fabric towels. 
The energy requirements of our hand dryer are significantly lower than those of paper and fabric towel dispensers.

Absolute hygiene 

With their contactless, sensor-controlled operation, our hand dryers are based on a clean technology.


With the brushless electric motor, there are no brushes (sliding contacts), hence there is no mechanical wear. This type of motor lasts significantly longer. Step regulation and hot and cold air operation are possible.


Available in silver or on request in colour form


Available in white and on request in silver

Champion Pro

Available in white and silver


Reduce your impact

You save money and the environment will thank you

Uses up to one hundred times less energy than paper and cloth dispensers. Play an active role in protecting the environment with URIMAT Hand Dryers.


Product Brochure 
URIMAT hand dryer

What is a hand dryer?

A hand dryer is an electrical device for drying hands in the sanitary room by means of a generated cold or warm air flow. The integrated motor draws in the ambient air via a blower and then blows the heated air back via a germ filter (HEPA filter) into the air duct for drying hands. The function is triggered by a sensor to which you hold your hands. The warm air that flows out of the hand dryer ensures dry hands within a few seconds by simply evaporating the moisture - without the use of paper or cloth towels. 

What should I look for in a hand dryer?

  • Drying time: A good hand dryer should work quickly and effectively and dry the hands within a very short time (9-11 s). A fast drying time reduces the waiting time for other toilet users.
  • Easy cleaning of the hand dryer: In order to avoid bacteria and germs when drying hands with a hand dryer or with the hand dryer itself, the dryer should be easy to clean, i.e. the HEPA filter and the water collection tray are integrated in the device and easy to change or clean. Touchless devices with a sensor are more hygienic than devices where the drying process has to be started with a switch/button.
  • Loudness: A hand dryer must not become a noise nuisance, as too loud devices with a lot of power are quickly perceived as very annoying. A noise level of <80 dB during use is to be aimed for. With some hand dryer models, the air speed and thus the noise level can be individually adjusted between two levels with a switch. 

How hygienic is a hand dryer?

Washing hands after using the toilet is essential for daily hand hygiene. But washing alone is not enough. Hands should be dried carefully after cleaning. A hand dryer with a HEPA filter ensures that the air drawn in is cleaned of >99.9% of all dirt particles and germs. These filters are also used, for example, in operating theatres, in aircrafts, etc. to keep the air clean. Thus, a hand dryer with a HEPA filter ensures hygienic hand drying.

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