The dermatologically tested sanitary cleaner which has been rated as ‘very good’ prevents unpleasant odours due to the decomposition of organic matter.

  • pH-neutral
  • Biological
  • Sustainable

pH-neutral, biological and sustainable

The dermatologically tested MB-ActiveCleaner which has been rated as ‘very good’ prevents unpleasant odours due to the decomposition of organic matter. It is particularly suitable for maintenance cleaning and odour elimination in heavily frequented sanitary areas.

Lasting, pleasant freshness 

The micro-organisms penetrate deep into the pores (gaps) and break down the odour-forming residues deposited there. Our sanitary cleaner ensures lasting, pleasant freshness and prevents the development of new odours when used daily.

Scope of Application

  • Toilets and sanitary facilities
  • Washrooms and shower rooms
  • Building façades, throughways and stairwells
  • Rubbish containers and rubbish collection stations
  • Floors, carpeting, etc.

MB-ActiveCleaner 1-litre concentrate

pH-neutral, biological and sustainable

Item no.: 80.001

MB-ActiveCleaner combo pack

3 x 1-litre concentrate + spray bottle, empty

Item no. 80.002

MB-ActiveCleaner 10-litre concentrate

Unbeatable cost-effectiveness

Item no. 80.006


Suitable for our cleaning system (6x0.5l)

Item no. 80.016

High productiveness

With a mixing ratio of 1:20, the URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner is unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness.

*The test and statement on compatibility refers to the use concentration of the product in connection with the instructions for use.



Cleaning instructions
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What is biological cleaning?

Most sanitary cleaners on the market have a list of chemicals with warnings on the bottles. These "aggressive" ingredients can negatively affect your health and also damage surfaces. 

With biological cleaners, you know that the bacteria this cleaner contains are the same as the bacteria that created and supports life. Biological cleaning products are completely natural, safe for your home, environmentally friendly and have the ability to clean right into the microscopic pores of surfaces.

As all the ingredients in the biological cleaner are of natural origin, there are no negative effects on your health.


Biological sanitary cleaner - How it works

URIMAT's biological cleaning products contain selected types of bacterial strains that can remain inactive for a long time as so-called spores. They are reactivated during cleaning and then do the cleaning work for you. 

They continue to work for hours after application to displace other harmful bacteria that may have gotten onto a surface. By quickly consuming the food (dirt) that the harmful bacteria need to survive, they help keep your surfaces hygienic long after cleaning.