Savings for motorway service stations

For example, a motorway service station with ten urinals and 180 usages per day will save around 2,000,000 litres of drinking water per year.


Drinking water


CO2 savings per year


Annual water cost savings

URIMAT Waterless urinals

Autogrill Switzerland

One of the best-known service station operators (Autogrill) is demonstrating its environmental awareness through the use of URIMAT, thus saving millions of litres of precious drinking water each year.

Waterless urinals in a rest stop

Forrenberg service station Switzerland

Design meets environment. The Forrenberg service station is also saving water thanks to the use of waterless urinals.

Marché Restaurants

Marché Restaurants Schweiz AG with its clean toilet concept saves 40 million drinking water annually thanks to Urimat.

Service area with waterless urinals and video screens

Marché Heidiland, Switzerland

Heidiland service station, popular among skiing tourists, is saving water thanks to waterless urinals.

Rheintal service station Switzerland

The Rheintal service station, one of the modern motorway service stations in Switzerland, is saving water each year with waterless urinals.

URIMAT urinals waterless

Würenlos service station

Commonly referred to as a ‘Fressbalken’ (food stop), the Würenlos shopping service station has become a sustainable, modern convenience and mobility hub.