Savings for industries

For example, a small industry with 5 waterless urinals can save up to 2'000 CHF per year.


Drinking water


CO2 savings per year


Annual water cost savings

SEAT Spain

SEAT decided to install the URIMAT-CS technology in its Martorell factory to safe water and reduce cleaning efforts.

Dell uses waterless urinals from URIMAT

Dell Ireland

The innovative Dell company in Ireland helps saving water and reduces costs.

Swatch-Group Switzerland

Swatch as a leader in the watch segment saves large amounts of water thanks to URIMAT.

Waterless urinals at DIY-shop

DIY Hornbach

Also DIY shops, like Hornbach, are playing an active role in water saving installations.

Waterless urinals at TMC Switzerland

TMC Zurich

TMC Zürich provides outstanding commercial spaces in a premium location and saves water as well.