Savings for hotels

For example, a hotel with eight waterless urinals can save up to 438,000 litres of drinking water per year.


Drinking water


CO2 savings per year


Annual water cost savings

Waterless urinal at hotel

Adare Manor Hotel, Ireland

The 5-star Adare Manor Hotel in Ireland is saving water and protecting the environment.

Hotel with waterless urinals

Hotel Double Tree by Hilton

Hilton hotels worldwide are saving precious drinking water thanks to URIMAT.

Kartause Ittingen

Kartause Ittingen is using sustainable sanitary technology in the form of waterless urinals.

Hilton uses waterless urinals

Hilton Bucharest

The Hilton Hotel in Bucharest is one of the first hotels in the city to feature water-saving technology.

Hotel Bienenberg Liestal

As well as supporting the non-profit organisation ‘Wasser für Wasser’ (water for water), sustainability is also an important issue in toilets.