Savings for leisure attractions

For example, a tourism attraction with one urinal and approx. 250 uses per day will save approx. 8,000,000 litres of water.


Drinking water


CO2 savings per year


Annual water cost savings

Nature and Animal Park Goldau

URIMAT – out of love of nature.

Waterless urinal at leisure park

Atzmännig Leisure Park

Popular in both summer and winter, Atzmännig Leisure Park saves water throughout the year.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge does its history justice and its visitors are saving millions of litres of drinking water thanks to URIMAT.

Guiness installed waterless urinals

Guinness Dublin

The world-famous Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is committed to sustainability and is saving water.

Heineken Music Hall

AFAS Live (formerly Heineken Music Hall) in Amsterdam recycles urine from the waterless urinals into a valuable fertiliser product.

Samsung Hall, Switzerland

The Samsung Hall in Dübendorf, Switzerland, is the second-largest multi-purpose hall in the Zurich area, with a capacity of 5,060, and uses URIMAT technology.

Lac souterrain de St Léonard

Europe's largest underground lake installed waterless urinals as well as hand dryers to save the planet.

Hallenstadion Zurich

Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland, built in 1939 is one of the biggest event hall in Europe (15'000 places) and more than 100 waterless urinals installed.