The company that produces environmentally friendly, economical solutions.


Savings per urinal

At least 100,000 litres of drinking water per urinal are saved each year.


Cost benefit

The annual cost benefit if you use a URIMAT hand dryer instead of towels.


CO2 reduction

Approximately 350 g of CO2 are saved per cubic metre of water.

Welcome to URIMAT

URIMAT is one of the leading producers of environmentally friendly waterless urinals.

Waterless urinals from the Swiss manufacturer URIMAT have become widely accepted and ensure good hygiene and environmental protection in thousands of men’s toilets around the world. Thanks to the innovative technology and high value retention of our products, new customers are turning to our solution every day and actively helping to save millions of litres of clean drinking water. 

URIMAT is committed to environmental sustainability. Our products are produced in accordance with environmentally friendly practices and materials. In choosing our partners, we look at carbon-neutral production and ethical principles.

Set an example today. Turn to waterless urinals from URIMAT.

Waterless urinals from URIMAT – the environmentally friendly system

  1. High-tech plastic bowl, CO2-neutral production, 100% recyclable
  2. Unique odour trap technology with integrated cleaning system
  3. Microbiological cleaning system
  4. Urinals can be financed through advertising

Efficient green solution

URIMAT is part of the Solar Impulse Foundation 1000 solutions that are clean, profitable & protect the environment.

United Nations SDG

We support the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN

Environment and economy go hand in hand

Preserve resources and save money.